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Posted by CartoonistDude - January 3rd, 2011

I haven't use this blog in yeeears, however I thought this would be the ideal place to upload my music for easy listening and downloading.

Just make sure you comment and not just download, I would like to hear comments on how I sound. Even if its terrible, I'm no singer so I can understand. :P

If you don't know who I am you can check out my vlog/artwork stuff on youtube, dA, and facebook.
http://www.facebook.com/CartoonistTheD ude

Later Viewers :)

Youtube Soundtrack

Posted by CartoonistDude - August 30th, 2008

Heh, Its been a loooooong time since I posted something new here. So I'm going to update my post thingy.

First off... Doomsday animation is canceled. It was going to take me way to long to work on that at the moment. Maybe in the future I will XD

Next, I am working on a new animation. As soon as I have a bit more done I'm going to give a small preview of my creation! The main idea of it is for Graduation and for my girlfriend so its important in two ways!

Which also gets me to my final point, I'm going to be a senior! going on to GRADE 12, final year of highschool. Then I can learn some real animations skills then trying to learn them on my own and failing sometimes. Not that's bad, I just like having someone help me along to know stuff better.

Other then that, if anybody still views here... Get ready for a preview of my animation hopefully sometime around the end of September, it all depends on work, school work and my motivation to keep working on it XD

Ahem... one last thing, Is anyone here great at designing backgrounds and such? maybe help me create better scenery, I fell that mine suck horribly :(

-CartoonistDude Out!

BTW, the pic below (or wherever it gets put) is part of the animation loading screen... I think, I might change it yet.

School Alert!

Posted by CartoonistDude - January 28th, 2008

Heyyyyy, I just became a member on Newgrounds because I like the work that goes on here, but also to find idea's and seeing other people's views of things. I'm working on my own animation, using Anime Studio (because its all I have right now) and I'm hoping to find helpers for small things, like character designs and whatnot.

I'll post more of that later. Right now I just saw theres a audio portal, for music, most songs look like there made by other people and is there music which makes it easier to find people who wouldn't mind letting others use it for there flash animations. Sorry if that sounded confusing ;D.

Anyways, my main problem for my animation is music and wondering if anyone here knows where I can find any or anyone one here who is good at making music for animations (not a game)

The Animation is about Doomsday, but its also like a kids type film so theres some peaceful parts in it. I hope I can find some help here, I willing to work really hard on this.

If needing more info, PM here or PM me at my dA account http://andrewartist.deviantart.com/

Some of my doomsday production stuff is at my http://andrewartist.deviantart.com/ but also I have a small blog of it as well. http://cartoonistdude.blogspot.com/

Well thats all for my first blog, bit of a mouthful for someone who just signed up XD